Purpose and scope

The Cooperative Biological Engagement Program provides a Global Biorisk Management Curriculum (GBRMC) library based on international best practices such as CWA 15793 and WHO biosafety and biosecurity guidance. The GBRMC library is designed to:

  • Include peer-reviewed and quality controlled training materials that can be adapted to meet local needs.
  • Provide specific training designed for a variety of personnel including: policy makers, top management, biorisk management advisers (also called biosafety offers), scientific and/or laboratory management, and laboratory workers.
  • Provide courses based on instructional design that include:        
    • Instructor's guide
    • Student guide
    • Presentation materials
    • Course evaluations materials
    • References and resources
  • Provide courses that can be used together or separately in a variety of implementation strategies based on both the organization and student needs and the preferred training method and environment