Chemical Security Risk Assessment Handbook

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The Chemical Security Handbook: Security Risk Assessment for Laboratories describes a qualitative laboratory chemical security risk assessment process that begins with guidance on the identification and prioritization of chemicals presenting security concerns. This document is the first of its kind to describe such an approach for a laboratory setting. Various laboratory-focused tools and methodologies for completing safety assessments have been published, which describe how to assess the likelihood and consequence of unintentional incidents. Although the process of assessing safety and security risks is similar, this handbook provides guidance on how to assess the consequences and likelihood of a chemical being intentionally used for illicit purposes.

The information is intended to aid laboratory personnel. Facility managers, administrative support, security forces, community stakeholders, oversight bodies, and policy-makers who want to learn more about risk assessment and the security risks are present in chemical laboratories may also find it helpful. The document is freely available at the following link:

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Key Features

  • Detailed description of chemical security concepts
  • Step-by-step qualitative chemical security risk assessment approach
  • Case-study describing real-world application of methodology