Global Chemical and Biological Security

Global Chemical and Biological Security

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Countering global chemical and biological threats

Events like the 1995 Sarin attacks in the Tokyo subway and toxic releases targeting civilian populations in Syria remind us of the terrifying and deadly potential of chemical weapons. 

As part of its commitment to national security, Sandia has built significant capabilities, as underscored by multiple patents, to stop or mitigate chemical attacks at several points on the threat response spectrum: 

  • Prevent: Sandia tools and technologies help the United States and allies achieve the difficult objective of thwarting threats before they turn into attacks.
  • Detect: Miniature detectors and other commercial products based on our research can detect even trace amounts of chemicals that could be used in an attack.
  • Respond: Sandia-developed decontamination products and systems for safely dismantling chemical weapons help restore environments and assets after an attack.
  • Patents: Sandia has been awarded dozens of patents for varied technologies that support chemical defense.