Chemical Inventory Management Software

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Enhancing the safety and security of chemical inventories

Sandia’s Chemical Inventory Management Software (CMS©) is one component of a global chemical inventory management system used to track chemicals from the point of procurement through use and disposal at a facility or institution. Sandia developed the software as a simplified chemical inventory tool for use by a single central receiving/storage facility with a limited number of authorized users. The software can be modified for use at a facility with multiple points for chemical receiving and storage.Sandia’s CMS© provides facilities with enhanced security and safety of their chemical inventories. Additional benefits include increased efficiency and cost savings.

Key Features

  • Access control, with four assigned roles with varying levels of system access (Administrator, Manager, Auditor, Viewer)
  • Database fields to track a chemical’s barcode, location, owner, date in, expiration date, chemical name, Chemical Abstract Service Number, storage group, bottle/container size, and remaining quantity
  • Reports on activity performed in the program by date/user, list of authorized users and their roles, inventory by chemical, inventory by location, and stock check

To access the user guide and software installation, you can download the CMS Resource File (ZIP)

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