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Scenario-based planning tool for biological and chemical incidents

Preparedness planning and exercises are essential for ensuring an efficient, effective response to a biological or chemical incident. Sandia’s Portal for Readiness Exercises and Planning (PREP™) is a novel, web-based technology that provides a systematic approach to biochem readiness planning and exercises. PREP™ has been used for in-person and remote multiplayer tabletop exercises and scenario-based planning workshops.

PREP™ provides simple, easy-to-use templates and tools for emergency managers, health professionals, and security professionals to design and conduct in-person and remote:

  • Tabletop exercises and drills
  • Strategic and operational planning workshops
  • Multiyear training and exercise plans

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Key Features

  • Design customized scenarios
  • Online and in-person usability
  • Instant after-action reports (AAR)
  • Syndromic data
  • Unique decision tree feature
  • Multilingual option