Biorisk Assessment Methodologies

Image of Medical technician scientist working on tube testing in university research laboratory.

Tools for laboratory biorisk officers

GCBS’s two BioRisk Assessment Models (BioRAMs) are tools for conducting biosafety and biosecurity risk assessments at laboratories working with biological pathogens. Designed for use by laboratory biorisk officers, BioRAMs provide a process to systematically and logically identify and prioritize biorisks. The models take into account factors such as the properties of the particular biological agents onsite, the lab security practices, in-place mitigation measures, and the likelihood of local malicious activity in relation to the agents. BioRAMs help biorisk officers visualize the relative risks and implement mitigation measures in a manner advocated by the World Health Organization. The objective of the BioRAMs is to help strengthen laboratory risk governance within the international bioscience community.

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