Chemical Asset Tracker (CAT)

Image of Chemical Asset Tracker

The Chemical Asset Tracker (CAT©) is a web-based (browser) application for tracking chemical inventories. CAT© allows institutions that maintain an inventory of chemicals to track the storage location, quantity, and owner of each chemical asset on hand. It is intended to be a central repository, across the institutions or organizations with chemical inventories, that can be used by responsible parties in multiple locations. The CAT© web-based application can run on Windows, Linux, and OS X platforms.

Users of CAT© provide information about stored chemicals via keyboard, mobile devices, and barcode readers. CAT© also supports barcode-based inventory identification and auditing. CAT© stores that information into MySQL, an open source, relational database. The user interface allows users to search the database and update data, and provides quick access to safety and security information in the form of Safety Data Sheets, GHS hazard codes, and security alerts.

Key Features

  • Web-based
  • Supports barcode-based inventory identification and auditing
  • Provides quick access to safety and security information

You can access the Chemical Asset Tracker (CAT©) or contact for more information.